An enticing new restaurant is currently under construction in downtown Visalia. Bravo Farms Smokehouse is coming soon and will feature artisan style barbeque, and the fresh quality that you would expect from their trusted name. The restaurant will be open for lunch and dinner, and offer patio seating. The renovation is well underway at the former Wagon Wheel building, located in the heart of downtown Visalia, at 400 N. Willis St.

“We are excited to bring Bravo Farms to Visalia, and we look forward to creating a modern spin on barbeque in the valley”, said owner Jonathan Van Ryn. Lunch will feature a dynamic offering of salads, wraps, soup, sandwiches, and bountifully fresh options. Dinner will boast a variety of barbeque offerings, including: tri-tip, steaks, ribs, seafood, and more.  The bar will offer an impressive selection of beer on-tap, showcasing many local beers, as well as an array of notable wines.  In classic California style, guests will have the option of being seated in the full-covered patio for their dining pleasure.

The restaurant atmosphere is sure to please, with its’ clean, upscale twist on the vintage-rustic style. Upon entering, customers will be greeted by a beautifully decorated gift shoppe. In addition to playing an integral role in the menu, Bravo Farms world famous cheese will be available for purchase in the gift shoppe. The restaurant will have seating for hosting guests with large parties, and special events. Bravo Farms Smokehouse will be open seven days a week, with a tentative opening date set for August 1st. Families and foodies alike are sure to take notice of this valuable new addition to downtown Visalia.

Above is the official press release I wrote for Bravo Farms. It was just delivered to all of the local news in-boxes. NOW the really fun part… I get to tell you my OPINION. Press releases need to be written in a certain format and based on facts, but I’m excited to share what I’m looking forward to! I can’t tell you how excited I am to have a place in town to go for fresh, delicious food! I never realized how big the old Wagon Wheel building is until today’s tour. It was really dated when it was Wagon Wheel, but I can tell you from the drywall dust on my shoes, that everything is brand spankin’ new and fresh. When it is done it will be unrecognizable. Lunch will be a healthy, fresh version of a fast lunch, just like the Tulare restaurant. I can’t wait for the dinner menu! If the staff and service are anything like the Bravo Farms in Tulare, it will be fantastic! I’ve never met such pleasant and helpful people. I’ve said it once, and I’ll say it forever…find a place to call your own and put down some roots. Get to know people at the place you love, make some friends. It will make your experience so much more personal and enjoyable. Cheers knew what they were talking about when they said, “sometimes you wanna go where everybody knows your name”. Supporting local restaurants is good for everyone. You know I’ll keep you in the loop and let you know when they are open for business, and include pictures when it’s finished. Get your taste buds ready!

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